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Sargon of Akkad. @Sagron_of_Akkad. The thinking man’s alt-centrist. Cockshutt, England… Joined January 2017.

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Carl Benjamin’s Tweets … Sensible centrism is: Reducing legal & illegal immigration to zero. Abolishing hate speech laws. Maintaining national sovereignty.

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Sargon of Akkad. @Rational_Sargon. I am the real Sargon from YouTube. I see through the delusions of progressive lunatics. Thoughts are my own.

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Sargon · @Sargonzxc. ·. Jun 6, 2022. я в ахуе сколько народу буститься с читерами/играет с читами. если вам похуй на игру, то просто ливните. зачем этой …

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Thanks for posting grades @Sargon_UAkron and teaching a great humanities class. Had a good time and learned a lot. I feel so well rounded now.

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Sargon of Akkad. @SargonofAkkad10. Ruling empires and shit. Mesopotamia. Medlem siden marts 2021. 37 Følger · 0 Følgere · Tweets · Tweets og svar.

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Sargon. @sargondj. Father. Husband. Scientist. Singer. Dancer. Potter. Writer. Home repair guy. Washington, DC Joined April 2009.

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Sargon Courtenay’s Tweets … ⚡️ CIT: Russia moves newly created 3rd Army Corps to Ukraine. The Conflict Intelligence Team reported the movement of Moscow’s …

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Okay everybody it’s Zero Hour for this website, post your favorite tweets and give them a little kiss goodbye. Show this thread.

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Sargon’s Tweets ; Elon Musk · @elonmusk · Nov 6, 2021 · 54.1K · 39.1K ; Rumi Quotes · @RumiLoveQuotes · Nov 24, 2020 · 31 ; Bernie Sanders · @SenSanders · Nov 17, 2020.

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